What Can I Say? This Resource is Amazing!

From Fr. Lawrence:

fr lawrence

Brothers and Sisters in Christ. If you have access to the internet I have news for you. Your life can get better instantly! Sound like a tricky marketing pitch? Well, maybe… But all I can say is, find out for yourself.

I am so impressed with the free (for you thanks to a generous parish donor), new online Catholic resource which goes by the simple name, “Formed.” Do you have internet? Do you have a phone that can access the web? Then Formed is for you. Why is this Formed such a good thing? People, there is sooooooo much negativity that comes at us from within and without daily. We NEED input that is positive and encouraging. This is where Formed comes in.

From the screen shot of the Formed home page below you can see it. Light, beauty, purity spilling out from God’s Word onto your platform; be it your computer, smart TV, smart phone. Today, the 4th Sunday of Ordinary Time, is there. And this is what’s great about Formed. It’s current, it’s relevant, and its list of offerings is growing.

You will get tired of hearing from me about Formed. So I want to give you an invitation. Share with me your impressions of Formed. I’ll put them in the bulletin, anonymously if you wish. Your testimony about Formed will do much more than mine. To get access to Formed just send a text message to the number 84576 and follow the instructions to log in to Formed, or go to the parish website home page. God bless you and know of my prayers for you.

In Christ,

Fr. Lawrence


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