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Oscar Alejandro Xavier Báez-González, S.J.
Diaconate Ordination 2017

The purpose of my email is to FORMALLY INVITE YOU to my diaconate ordination on Saturday, October 21st  2017 in Oakland Cathedral in Oakland, CA and SAVE the date for the Priesthood Ordination On Saturday June 9th 2018 in Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in San Diego, CA


“Called by God in Service to the Church.”

By Alejandro Báez, S.J.,

 Today, after, twelfth years of formation as Jesuit and six earlier years as a Scalabrianian seminarian, I feel very blessed to be approved to be ordained transitional deacon and eventually to the priesthood. My understanding of being a deacon and of the priesthood has become real and grounded. Being a deacon is being at service and priesthood that is not a place on a pedestal. It is not a priesthood of clericalism and honor. It is not a priesthood which I have accomplished or to which I will graduate from minor orders. Rather, it is a priesthood based in the broken and resurrected Jesus. It is a priesthood that embraces totally my humanity, gifts, and talents as well as my brokenness.

 I feel that my personal faith has been constantly “tested” in motion throughout these years.  I do not mean this in a negative or cynical way—that I was somehow not loved or God was testing me. I mean it in the sense of the non-static nature of faith. Some days my faith is stronger than others. Some days there is doubt. This is realistic faith. In other words, my faith in God perhaps was weakened when I felt hurt, but my solidarity and closeness to Jesus’s own suffering and way of the Cross were so very present in my life. Isn’t this kind of intimate knowledge of Christ what we ask for in the Spiritual Exercises? I know Him and love Him more deeply in part because I have experienced pain; and he has been my constant companion and friend, as the Father was always for him.

 Today, I simply feel grateful and at peace and I know that God’s great desire is for me to become a transitional deacon and eventually a priest. My deep love for Christ and the Church, my strong desire for ministry to serve the people of God, and my God-given desire to become a Jesuit priest, were the ultimate sustenance and solid ground for my continued perseverance throughout these years of formation and ministry. Many times my prayers were hours of tears of mixed consolation and desolation. I remembered clearly St. Paul: “for when I am weak, then I am strong.” (2 Cor. 12:10). I felt perhaps tested just like gold is tested in fire. There were times during many apostolic ministries that I felt challenged. Thank God for my superiors and pastors who were very supportive and kind to me. I felt very much loved, cared for and appreciated during those hard times.

 On Sunday liturgies at St. Raymond’s Church gives me so much joy, excitement and fills my hearts for ministry when I go and participate, server and sing the liturgy with a warm and engaged community. I am blessed these days to be ministering in a truly wonderful parish. I am grateful for how much love and care St. Raymond’s community has showed to me. Ultimately, I find my vocation affirm every time I come to serve this community either through preaching, teaching the youth, giving some workshops or accompany you in other ministries. God is constantly manifesting his grace through the community.  Thanks for welcoming me and allowing me to respond to God’s call by serving you.

 This coming October 21st, I will be ordained deacon in Christ the Light Cathedral in Oakland, CA and priest in June 9th 2018.

I would love to have you there to share these special events with me, my family, the Church and Jesuit Community.

Please consider this a personal invitation and mark your calendars!

 There is not an urgency for RSVP, but I would much appreciate if you could let me know if you receive this invite and your favorable response (see general weekend schedule for your planning).

 Blessings! Bendiciones y nos vemos pronto!

 Alejandro Báez, S.J.

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