A hint of Flamenco, a smidge of hip-hop! Pellejo Seco band – FREE CONCERT

Pellejo Seco Band – Saturday, July 14 at 6 pm outside on the plaza

Pellejo Seco is sometimes described as a world fusion band, because you can hear a hint of flamenco here, a smidge of hip-hop there. As a composer I want to concentrate on that. I do use some jazz and some other elements, but I use them in the service of traditional Cuban son.

The name Pellejo Seco is partly a tribute to the hard lives of farmworkers and their sun-scorched skin, and it’s also Havana street slang with multiple allusions. “I wanted to leave behind traditional Cuban band names and have something happier – I don’t want everything to be serious, I want people to laugh,” says composer and tresero Ivan Camblor.

Saturday, July 14 at 6 pm St. Raymond Plaza

Free Admission

Food and drinks will be sold prior to and during the concert.

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