A Day of Prayer and Penance for the Church – Friday, September 14th

All are invited to join in a Day of Prayer and Penance to pray for the victims of abuse and scandal and for the reform of the Church.

Friday, September 14th | 6pm - 8pm, St. Raymond Church

Below is the Novena prayer to Saint Joseph for the protection and renewal of the Church.


To you, St. Joseph we bring our broken hearts and all of the discouragement that weighs us down. Impurity and scandal have wounded our Church and have brought much shame, sorrow and tears. We ask you dearest St. Joseph, to be our guide along this very dark path, for you are the model of faith, purity and devotion that we need so desperately. May the Lord send forth the burning fire of the Holy Spirit, and renew the face of the Church, and the world. O St. Joseph, pray ceaselessly for the Church during this time of suffering and great mourning. May this current pain inflicted upon the Church be transformed by the power of Christ’s cross, and lead to further renewal and continued purification. Amen.

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