The Day that Changed Forever

Death. It comes to all things. Death. It will one day claim us. Death.

Death. Not intended by God, but inherited by all due to the sin.

How much humanity lost when our first parents turned from God! Eternal happiness, eternal joy! Lost, until…

Until, through no merit of our own, God decided to intervene. For what reason? Simply because God is. God is good, God is just, God is merciful.

To correct the error of sin; to pay the sacrifice for it on our behalf, God did the most extraordinary thing. He sent us his only begotten son. Jesus had an extraordinary life. He preached the kingdom of God, he taught us what it looks like, he healed the sick, raised the dead and gathered the people together. And in the end, Jesus paid the price for your sin and mine.

Despite the apparent failure of the crucifixion – Jesus died practically alone – God did not leave his son to pass into obscurity. Jesus was gloriously resurrected and henceforth everything has changed. Now heaven is open to humanity in a new and glorious way.

You do know that Christians who live as Jesus taught are destined to receive a glorified body also, right?  This body will never know corruption, and perhaps will have extraordinary new capabilities. It is exciting just to speculate on what it might be like to have a glorified body!

Be careful what you put into your body – the whole body including your mind, your heart, your spirit and soul. Not all, but a great deal of what is offered for our consumption by the world today (I’m not talking about food) is corrupted. It’s tainted, and it seeks to taint hearts and souls. What alternative do we have to all that is “out there” in the mainstream for our consumption?

Check out ‘Formed’ as an alternative to mainstream entertainment. It is FREE for St. Raymond parishioners. Simply text ‘gifts’ to 84576 to enter the registration portal through Flocknote. Or go directly to and enter our parish code: XHKVDD. At Formed you will find great online movies, video programs, books and audio content that you can access on a smartphone, smart tv, computer or tablet. Listen to an audio book or drama program while driving to work. Watch a movie with your family. Gather with a group of friends to watch and discuss a Bible Study on Formed. You’ll be doing your mind, your heart, your soul and your spirit a lot of good.

On this day that changed everything forever I wish you and yours a very Happy Easter. May God richly bless you! And be assured of my prayers for you.

In Christ,

Fr. Lawrence

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