Steps to Prepare for Baptism

Come to the Parish Office any weekday during regular office hours to schedule a baptism and pre-requisite baptismal class.

Download the registration form or pick one up from the Parish Office.  Return the registration form as soon as possible to the Parish Office along with a copy of the child’s birth certificate.

Scheduling priority is given to active, registered parishioners. Parishioners who are registered and have been active in the parish for at least three months may schedule the pre-baptismal class as well as the date for the baptism.

Persons seeking baptism for their children who are NOT registered, attending members of our parish must register in the parish, and be actively attending for three months prior to requesting a baptism.

1. Attend your scheduled pre-baptismal class session

2. Celebration of Baptism

The parish community of St. Raymond’s celebrates the sacrament of baptism for children on the second full weekend of the month at the following masses: Saturday 5:00pm, Sunday at 12:00pm and 1:30pm (Spanish Mass). We also offer a Baptism Service on Saturday at 12pm during the Baptism weekend. The schedule may deviate slightly during special periods during the liturgical year such as Lent, so it’s recommended that you contact the Parish office to confirm dates and times. As a general rule, we do not schedule private baptisms.

General Information:

PICTURES may NOT be taken during the ceremony. We ask you to do nothing that would disturb the atmosphere of prayer during this sacred rite. There will be opportunity for pictures after the Mass.

FEES FOR BAPTISM, we ask that you make a $75 donation to the Church to help cover expenses associated with Baptisms here at St. Raymond.  A separate donation for the Priest performing the Baptism is encouraged and can range from $50 – $200. Checks are made payable to St. Raymond.  If making a donation to the presiding priest, please write a check made payable directly to them.


You are only required to have one godparent for your child’s baptism. However, it is customary to have two (one female and one male). At least one of these godparents must be a practicing Catholic, having received baptism, first eucharist, and confirmation. If you select godparents who live a great distance away, they do not have to be present at the baptism. You may have a proxy fill in for the official godparents.

There is no limit to the number of people you may invite to your child’s baptism. You are encouraged to invite relatives and friends to share your joy and welcome your child into our Christian community.

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