From Minsk, Belarus to St. Raymond on Oct 10

The sisters from St. Elisabeth Convent in Minsk are visiting our Parish on October 10th. They will bring with them handmade religious articles and souvenirs made by the Sisters. Please take a few minutes to visit with them, learn about their mission helping children and adults with special needs as well as ex-prisoners starting a new life with God. Check out their display of handmade religious articles and souvenirs.

Some history about the Sisterhood of Saint Elisabeth ~

The Sisterhood of Saint Elisabeth was founded in 1996. For more than 20 years sisters have been rendering spiritual, social and financial support to the sick and the suffering at the National Psychiatric Clinic, the boarding home for children with special needs and mentally challenged adults, a TB clinic. It is of great importance to give sick people spiritual support and consolation.

In recent years a rehabilitation center for the homeless, drug and alcohol addicts, ex-prisoners was established 20 miles away from the Convent. About 160 residents live here today. Many lost and struggling people get a chance to tackle their problems and start a new life with God.

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